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For the Shiba on the Go!!

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To better service the traveling Shiba we have these helpful travel tips, pet friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts, and attractions web links. Each one had useful information so you and your Shiba can travel in style!

Below these links are some Road Travel tips.

Please consider these services as resources for your consideration and not endorsed by SCSC but ones that members have used and enjoyed.

Trips with Pets

AAA PetBook


Pet Friendly Hotels

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Traveling by Road with Your Shiba

Traveling with friends and family is often an enjoyable experience. Often times, our pets are included in that mix and can help make the trip that much more exciting. If your next adventure includes family members of the furry kind, these tips are for you!

Planning your Trips -

Before hitting the road, consider your dog's health, age and personality and plan with their individual needs in mind. Sometime the trip may not be a good fit based on your iternary.

Recon Trip Venues -

Ask yourself what, if any restrictions you and your pet may face. Will they spend long hours in a hotel or can they? Will there be activities they can participate in?

Are National Parks included in your trip? Most have severe restrictions regarding what your pets can do and experince with you. All National Parks restrict pets on all of trails and areas with wildlife. Best plans are to check on these things with the venue's website. Not all locations love your Shiba Inu as you do.

Go to your Veterinarian for necessary Travel Documents -

Before your departure, take your dog to your veterinarian to get a health certificate and proof of vaccinations. Different states have different regulations, so it is best to take your dog's records with you in case they are required. Let your Vet know where you will be traveling in case there are communicable diseases of which you should be aware. If you are going to be hiking in wilderness areas, inquire about Lyme disease. Also, check on trail restrictions in State and National Parks.

Pre-Travel Shakedown Minis -

Most dogs love to travel in the car, but if your Shibas are not accustomed to traveling, take them for mini-trips beforehand. To help your dogs overcome motion sickness, feed them lightly before the trip, about one-third the usual amount of dog food. Mini trips to the beach, mountains or a regional park are quick checks and will help your Shiba feel safe.

Doggie Cartography -

Your vacation route should be planned with your dog's needs in mind. Rest stops should be included every four to six hours so your Shiba can relieve himself or herself. This is also good for the humans. Water should be offered at each stop. Again, this includes the humans. Be sure to carry paper towels for to clean up potential car accidents and poop bags to scoop up after rest stops. There are many mapping websites and mobile applications for traveling with your pets. AAA, Good Sams, KOA, and others have dog friendly information to help. So, plan and map your trip and slow down; the journey should be the reason, not just the destination. If you need to add time, do so. Roads less traveled are the best memories.


Doggie Papers and Passports, Please!

During your trip, your pet should always wear a dog collar with rabies and dog tags. Keep an extra ID tag on your dog's collar with a friend's name and address -- since you will not be at home to receive any calls if your dog is lost. And if your Shiba needs medical help, your got they papers.


Rules of the Road -

While traveling with your pet(s), review the road rules for any state you will be traveling through. Many states have rules that require you to restrain your pet while others have rules against a pet sitting on the drivers lap, safety belts and crates. Comfortably restraining your pet during travel will help increase the safety of you, your passenger, your pet and other drivers. If room permits, a hard crate is the best.

1. Each State has laws and rules regarding your Dog's Safety and Conduct.


And Mostly -

Please remember when traveling with your Shibas that you must never leave them in a parked car, SUV and another vehicles. Even a car parked in direct sun on a cool day, with the windows cracked a few inches, can heat to more than 120 degrees F in less than 10 minutes. Your fur babies have double coats as well. So, THINK! Would you be okay in a double insolated jacket in a locked baking car?



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